You\’ll be glad to hear…

The last two days I made a concerted effort, and now the swimming pool is finished, as far as it can be, until summer comes around. I have re-grouted the shallow end of the pool and the steps out, the deep end of the pool can\’t be done until we are guaranteed no rain, otherwiseContinue reading “You\’ll be glad to hear…”

Good News and Bad

On Wednesday I went to collect the result of my brain scan, it was good news…I have got one! no seriously, they stated that everything was normal, so I guess I can be thankful for that. Yesterday, I was up at 5am again, and down at the Medical Center at 6am for blood and urineContinue reading “Good News and Bad”

Another Failure…Forcing More Work!

Friday, I took the trailer and went to Homecenter, I wanted a sheet of hardboard and to replenish my 2×4 stock, but they only had two lengths of 2×4 that didn\’t look like an imitation banana, so I added a 3×2 as well, but I needed a cart for carrying timber, and they all seemedContinue reading “Another Failure…Forcing More Work!”

Oh Dear!

Well that\’s another week-end we are glad to see the back of! No help whatsoever from the Alcaldía de Copacabana, or the Policía Nacional to control the noise from the Finca de Recreo. The Alcalde / Mayor moved the Fiestas de Naranja from the end of the year to July yet again to avoid theContinue reading “Oh Dear!”