Bling Display!

I can\’t tell you how good it felt, there has been no sign of a cement mixer today, and I gave my last sack of cement to a neighbour, and back into the workshop. SWMBO wanted a portable Bling Display, she has two online Companies, but with Colombia being years behind everyone else, many don\’tContinue reading “Bling Display!”

Back to work!

Work came to an abrupt halt last week, all because of a minor water leak,whilst rendering, I disturbed the pipe I had installed by the Builders(obviously not very well!) when we moved in, it is the hot water pipe to the upstairs shower, and because of the ambient temperature here, it can safely run upContinue reading “Back to work!”

Tidying up

In the past, the zona de ropa, has been a bit of a dumping ground, due to lack of storage, things were stuck between the bars of the window grille, or on top of the cupboard at the side of the washing machine, it didn\’t matter, because it wasn\’t the nicest area anyway. Now itContinue reading “Tidying up”

Kennel finished

Pépe tried to get me up at 5.30am, but I played dead, and he went back to bed…for half an hour!!  we went for our walk, an  this brought something to mind, someone asked me how we ever get our mail, if properties don\’t display their house name, which we do,  but this is theContinue reading “Kennel finished”

The day started well enough!

Yesterday, we spent nearly all day out, it didn\’t start too well, I didn\’t take Pépe for his walk, because it was chucking it down, and when we left at 9am, we found that a dog or dogs had dug out a huge hole in the roadside flower border, most of the earth was inContinue reading “The day started well enough!”

Long Days

We have got family coming to stay for Semana Santa next week, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, and we still only have enough furniture for the two of us… So Maria Elena and Sandra will be on the blow up mattresses, not sure yet about Sebast! They will bring their own bedding. I just hopeContinue reading “Long Days”

More ups and downs

To follow up from the last post, the following morning we called on Ruben and true to his word, he had welded up all the bits for us, it wasn\’t free, but it was as cheap as chips, so no complaints. From there we went on to San Juan, the idea being to get anotherContinue reading “More ups and downs”

We are ready for a holiday!

Yesterday, we didn\’t get to Hyundai, the Boss said he was busy, and either to call late afternoon or this morning. Marcela had phoned a Company in Medellin for me, as I was looking for a decent Band-saw (the one I have is chinese crap from Bauker, saying that, some of their other tools areContinue reading “We are ready for a holiday!”