Another Failure…Forcing More Work!

Friday, I took the trailer and went to Homecenter, I wanted a sheet of hardboard and to replenish my 2×4 stock, but they only had two lengths of 2×4 that didn\’t look like an imitation banana, so I added a 3×2 as well, but I needed a cart for carrying timber, and they all seemedContinue reading “Another Failure…Forcing More Work!”


I said I wouldn\’t be about, but I am writing this really for my own benefit…as have said elsewhere, this really is my diary, and it is somewhere I can come back to for information. To say I am feeling depressed is an understatement, I left home reasonably early this morning, to go shopping inContinue reading “Depressed!”

Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!

I started this morning with a trip to Copacabana to get the week-end food in, and the chaos continues as people ready themselves to start the Festival of Oranges this afternoon and all week-end. My earlier comments about a mass piss-up, seem to have been born out When the town hall believes it has toContinue reading “Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!”

A Little Diversion!

There has been something worrying me for some time, in fact I think I mentioned it when erecting the razor wire, and that is, when the men working for Public Utilities wanted access to the cables on the pole outside our fence, they would use a stepladder to stand on top of our fence toContinue reading “A Little Diversion!”

Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem

One of my biggest headaches, is cutting down plywood sheets, most of the time when I go to Homecenter, I ask them to be cut, and I will get some feeble response that they are too busy, but will have it ready for tomorrow, I am certainly not making two trips, with time, petrol andContinue reading “Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem”