Happy Birthday Brother

Before I forget, I will just wish my Brother David a very Happy Birthday, I did phone but he was at work, it will now be over, due to the six hour time difference, but the thought was there. Tuesday, I went for my early medical test, we left on time, but it took longerContinue reading “Happy Birthday Brother”

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday wishes to my Brother, he won\’t see this for a while as he is on his Jollies, but the thought is there. Also tomorrow would have been my Father\’s 82nd birthday, unfortunately he was only 46 when he passed on, but he is always in our thoughts. Colombia and Religion, you automatically thinkContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

Active Week

My niece, Catherine is seventeen today, and also has her first Driving Lesson booked, Happy Birthday Cath, have a Great Day! love from the both of us, and good luck with the lesson, I hope the town was given plenty of warning! 😀 Pépe has decided it is time to try his luck! after hisContinue reading “Active Week”