Life Goes On

This has turned into a house of bad luck! the problems continue… On Wednesday morning, I went for my appointment with a Psychiatrist, he believes that my memory problem is caused by depression, brought on by our current problems, if he is right, then all should come right, when we move, we now have anContinue reading “Life Goes On”

Christmas is Coming

We have been waiting for confirmation of our new washing machine, but had heard nothing, so I gave the job to Marcela of chasing it up, thank goodness I did, because she was given the run around, in the end it turns out that the Store is just the shop window for the manufacturers, andContinue reading “Christmas is Coming”

Early start!

Yesterday was pretty much a non event, I didn\’t accomplish a lot, but Marcela finished replanting the flowers behind the gazebo, in the piece of garden she has loving de-weeded! Marcela\’s new garden We had to go food shopping in the afternoon, there was nothing left in the cupboard, after the families visit  last thursday!Continue reading “Early start!”