Gazebo / Quiosko Guttering

So I set to, to re-align the guttering on the Gazebo, or as it is called here a Quiosko, and I couldn\’t even get that right, for five plus years I was spelling it Kiosko! I took the entire set up down, and put up a string-line, at which time it was obvious that IContinue reading “Gazebo / Quiosko Guttering”

Just a Run of The Mill Sort of Day…Not!

Now I know why I like going to do the shopping by myself, even food shopping! Yesterday, Marcela decided that as we are both on a diet, she wanted to vary the menu, so came with me to buy alternatives foods, it took at least three times as long, whilst she examined every tomato, every…Continue reading “Just a Run of The Mill Sort of Day…Not!”

Work and Play

Yesterday was work, firstly I painted over my repair-work on the swimming pool wall, it was just a quick cover up, when the weather is better, I will repaint the whole wall. I then finished replacing the roofing tiles, acting as coping stones along the top. It was then time to clean the swimming pool,Continue reading “Work and Play”

Roof Repaired

Not my work I hasten to add, but essential, none the less, ┬áthe men arrived prompt at 8am, and worked through until 4pm without stopping, except for drinks, which in this heat was essential, fortunately for them, they did not have the added heat from direct sun, even so the humidity was oppressive. Have theyContinue reading “Roof Repaired”