President Elect of Colombia

The new President Elect of Colombia is Ivan Duque with 54% of the vote His critics are already stating that means Avaro Uribe is in effect in charge, this despite claims by Duque himself that he is of a new Generation, and will not be following down Uribe\’s avenue. I was neither a Duque norContinue reading “President Elect of Colombia”

What is the Future for Colombia?

With the first round of the Presidential Election tomorrow, there appear to be three main Contenders: 1.Gustavo Petro¬† 2. Ivan Duque 3. Sergio Fajardo The problem isn\’t trying to decide who is the best to take on the mantel of President, it is a case of deciding who is the best of a bad bunch.Continue reading “What is the Future for Colombia?”

Holiday Season

We have spent the last couple of days preparing for Holidays, sorting out clothes, using a spare bedroom, for the first time in years I have used the iron, something I used almost on a daily basis before moving to Colombia, but here, with the humidity creases soon drop out, however, away from home… beingContinue reading “Holiday Season”


It\’s been an eventful couple of days, with not a lot to show for it. Marcela and I sat down and discussed the subject of adoption, she has decided that she still has much she wants to do, so children are off the agender, for now at least, I have no problem with that anymore,Continue reading “Moving?”