Colombian Culture, Right or Wrong?

Hola negra! (Hello Black)…Hola mi negita! (Hello my blackie)…Hola mi gordo! (Hello Fattie)…Hola Gringo! (Hello Foreigner), and many more, all terms regularly used here in Colombia, accepted, and not considered insulting, and yet in the UK and Europe they are not only considered politically incorrect, it is an offence to use them, punishable in theContinue reading “Colombian Culture, Right or Wrong?”

The day started well enough!

Yesterday, we spent nearly all day out, it didn\’t start too well, I didn\’t take P├ępe for his walk, because it was chucking it down, and when we left at 9am, we found that a dog or dogs had dug out a huge hole in the roadside flower border, most of the earth was inContinue reading “The day started well enough!”

No car… again!

There has not been much happening this week, other than, going to see the Batman Film has now been put on hold, because I have damaged the sump on the car this afternoon, going over one of the many speed bumps around here, and none of them are forgiving. We are at the moment waitingContinue reading “No car… again!”