I apologise for there being no updates, it has been a hectic couple of weeks… The work took a little longer to finish than thought, but the last week was just Jorge and José, tiling, and Jorge wont be rushed, he does a great job and we are really pleased with the results of hisContinue reading “Sorry!”

Ups and Downs

 Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Jaime and the gang installed our new Septic tank, not without it\’s own problems, they dug the hole in the location agreed, and then Jaime decided that if the old tank collapsed, it would damage the soak-away for the new tank, so they dug another hole on the other side ofContinue reading “Ups and Downs”

I should have stayed in bed!

Yesterday morning, I acid brushed the new brick exterior garden wall, it was dry in minutes, then I gave it a coat of weather protection, I don\’t know whether it is the weather here, or the composition of the product, but that was dry in minutes, so then I varnished it, and it looked good.Continue reading “I should have stayed in bed!”

Now it\’s down to us!

The day to day working with a team of workmen constantly here, ended today, Ramiro walked out of the gate just after mid-day, having finished the final job, creating a garden area alongside the road: Looking better! Now we have just got to find some earth to fill it! We have had a problem withContinue reading “Now it\’s down to us!”

I should be as thin as a lath…But I\’m not!

This morning it was back to the septic tank hunt again, and I was finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm, Ramiro arrived, and put in his two penneth, and then John arrived, he must have had his spinach this morning, because he stripped of his jacket, and started attacking the ground, despite, beingContinue reading “I should be as thin as a lath…But I\’m not!”