Nearly Finished!

 After six months we finally have an end in sight, Jaime thinks they will have finished by the end of the week, I know he has to get started on a new contract, and has pulled some men off out job to get it started, but I think we are realistically looking at next week.Continue reading “Nearly Finished!”

The End of a Project

This morning, it was bright and sunny, Marcela was going out with her girlfriends for a late birthday celebration, so I decided to finish the work in my neighbours garden, and that entailed barrowing a lot of gravel from the Builders yard on one side of us, to her garden on the other side. IContinue reading “The End of a Project”

Back to Work

Feeling better today, so I had an early start. As soon as Marcela left for work, the wheelbarrow came out, a few visits to the Building Supplies next door, and 18 sacks of gravel later, the land drain was finally completed. Not quite as I wanted it, as the gravel is different, which is aContinue reading “Back to Work”