Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday, I finally said good bye to my Montero with some sadness, yes over the last four years she has cost me some money, but considering she was 23 years old, I had developed an affection for her…don\’t tell Marcela! I went over to the shop at 9am, and met with the buyer and hisContinue reading “Bye Bye Baby!”

It\’s a stitch up!

Another update today, the meeting with the Gestor, José,  did not take place today, as the Buyer, José, is a Funeral Director, had a call out, but they hope to have the meeting tomorrow. The Bank Manager, José, has announced that he expects the mortgage offer to be made next week, which is very convenient,Continue reading “It\’s a stitch up!”

No end in Sight, but better news!

I had a long conversation with Christopher Mallock this afternoon, he received his Power of Attorney today, and had a meeting with the Buyers, contrary to earlier reports, they have not had their formal mortgage offer, it is a case of the Manager of Caja Granada stating this that is what will be offered, followingContinue reading “No end in Sight, but better news!”

Hell Week!

It\’s been a stressful few days, Pépe has been off colour, and I decided it was the fact that I had changed his food from puppy, to the same make in adult, Marcela wasn\’t so sure and has had Vet consultations, as a result he has been watched carefully. I have changed his food again,Continue reading “Hell Week!”

Not much to report!

Still no news from Spain, hopefully my Representative there, returns on Thursday, so there may be news next week, if we don\’t have contact with the Gestor before, I have not sealed the Christmas decoration box just yet! Pépe has been having more tooth problems, I don\’t remember any of my puppies having this muchContinue reading “Not much to report!”

Spain Update!

Over the last couple of days, disturbing news has come out of Spain regarding the work or lack of it done by the Gestor in Torvizcon,  José Manuel Santiago Dominguez, the arrangement was that my Buyer would pay my bills, after they had been approved by us, and then deduct the money from the price ofContinue reading “Spain Update!”

Give me Strength!

This morning I had an email from Spain, to say the dates given to me are all wrong, for completion of the Escritura we are now looking at 22nd before it can even go to the Registry, so we are probably looking at the end of August  into September now. To say I was feelingContinue reading “Give me Strength!”

Is it too much to hope we might finally be there?

I received an email this morning to say that the Spanish Court has finally signed off my new Deeds / Escritura, and they are in transit to my Gestor, I guess the next step is that he will have to be paid before he releases the papers, then it is down to the Buyers Bank,Continue reading “Is it too much to hope we might finally be there?”