Getting there!

Yesterday, I finished the gate post, I bought a three inch castor and used the wheel to replace the 2\” wheel that was in place, and the gate now opens with no problem,, I haven\’t taken another photo because, it would look exactly the same as the previous photo of the same! This morning theContinue reading “Getting there!”

Gate Post almost finished!

The latter half of this morning and this afternoon, I spent working on the gate post. I cut off the bottom 18\”, and then lined it up with the holes I had drilled through the old post, marked the new post and then drilled for the threaded rod. This was no easy task, as noneContinue reading “Gate Post almost finished!”

Back to the Dining Suite!

The gate post is being an absolute pain, I drilled the concrete and bolted the post to the floor, great so far, I fitted the wheels, then ¬†opened the gate, and it all fell apart, not literally, but it might as well have, because I had forgotten, and it had caused a problem previously, thatContinue reading “Back to the Dining Suite!”