Good News For A Change

It looks as if I am staying in Colombia for the time being, we had a message from my Accountant last night with good news, especially as I had been warned that my tax bill could be as much as $12.000.000 COP, suffice it to say, it is not zero like in previous years, butContinue reading “Good News For A Change”

Progress?…Not sure!

Yesterday morning I had my three monthly  BP Clinic, and everything was fine, it is possible that our new Health Service Provider is going to take over the existing Clinic, in which case, things will continue as before, just under a different name, if not, we will have to go into town, we should knowContinue reading “Progress?…Not sure!”

Which way next?

This morning we were out on the Bike just before 9am, firstly we went and paid the deposit on the Kitchen, moving on from that, we stopped at a metal fabricators, to choose exterior doors. We have decided to stick with metal for the access doors from a security point of view. The main doorstairContinue reading “Which way next?”