Bed Finished!

Once I was able to prise SWMBO out of bed this morning, I started by dismantling the current bed, which we moved downstairs. Marcela gave the room a clean, and then we started. firstly between us we took most of the parts up to the bedroom, which was no mean feat, the headboard and baseContinue reading “Bed Finished!”

On the Final Stretch

Having bought the wood finish yesterday, it was time to get started, and have the wood sealed from the elements, before it starts moving! The colour is Roble or Oak, in a matt finish, which gives the bed a rustic look. I have finished the front and sides of the headboard Also the side panelsContinue reading “On the Final Stretch”

Good job I didn\’t pay for them!

Work has been a bit slow this morning, I noticed an error in the plans, it is not insurmountable but it is annoying, I am just glad I did not pay for them. The error appears to be in the support for the main frame, the plan says that when attaching the rails to theContinue reading “Good job I didn\’t pay for them!”