Thank Goodness for Diego!

This morning, I had all the plumbing fittings ready for Diego\’s arrival, and ready to cut the pipes for a by-pass. However firstly we had to ensure that the rainwater downpipe went into the pipe to the Brook, so Diego cut a hole in the pipe, and we filled the watering can ready, then IContinue reading “Thank Goodness for Diego!”

Battle Royal!

I honestly don\’t know if I am coming or going! I will be glad when either the work is finished here, or the money has run out and they have to go… Pépe is getting better, he sleeps in later now, I don\’t have to get up before 6am, he is far more tranquil, andContinue reading “Battle Royal!”

One day closer!

Out early again this morning, had to call and buy more fittings, and whilst there, found some more roller blinds. Then on to work! the first thing was to connect up the fittings for the oven and hob, which will run on propane cylinders, I don\’t know what the problem was, but my gas blow-lampContinue reading “One day closer!”