Fighting Corruption Pt 2

During the meeting of the Consejales last night, I learned that the Mayor of Copacabana receives a pension, approximately  on a par with my pension, which came as a surprise, although, only being a comparatively small Municipality, I suppose it shouldn\’t have. Why do I bring this up? well, on my pension, we can liveContinue reading “Fighting Corruption Pt 2”

Getting There!

The bronchitis is clearing slowly, too slowly for my patience, but I should be grateful it was not worse. Today was the day I had to attend the Inspección de la Policía in the Town Hall, for the \’audiencía\’ (interview) along with the neighbour, over their allegation that I had phoned complaining about their parking.Continue reading “Getting There!”

Temperature change!

Whether it is a temporary glitch or, the dry season has come late, I don\’t know, but it has been sweltering for the last few days, as a result, both Marcela and I are suffering with sore throats and runny noses, nothing that effects our every day life, but a nuisance all the same. IContinue reading “Temperature change!”

Back into the Thick of it!

On Sunday, Marcela discovered that she had a problem with her handbrake on the Logan, she took it to a mechanic whilst she was out, who said one of the cables had snapped, but the \’brake guy\’ was out, so I suggested she contact Javier, our mechanic, as a result we took it yesterday morningContinue reading “Back into the Thick of it!”