What a Day!

What a day indeed! The music from the Finca de Recreo started about 1pm yesterday, and continued, at the start it was at a reasonable level, but as more people arrived to join the party, the louder it got.I started recording evidence before midnight, and then at midnight we had fireworks, then again at 2amContinue reading “What a Day!”

Packing done!

No work again today… We only got a couple of hours sleep last night, one of the \’descansar\’ Fincas, had a group of weirdos staying, they must have been weirdos they struck up the music about 9.30pm, it was electronic music, no problem with that you might think, but they played the same music inContinue reading “Packing done!”

December is here!

It\’s funny how soon you forget things, and the night of November 30th / December 1st was one of them. Colombia, I don\’t know about the rest of South America, believes that Christmas starts on December 1st, and last night was like WW3, the Fireworks went on for hours, and were still going off sporadicallyContinue reading “December is here!”

Keeping busy!

Well I was warned!  Last Friday night was horrendous, the fireworks started early, and although the official ones lasts about an hour or so, the rest went on well into the  night. Music… thank goodness I had looked out a set of earplugs, a few houses all had their speakers outside, and not small onesContinue reading “Keeping busy!”