Yet another National Holiday

Today celebrates the Bataille de Boyacá (Battle of Boyacá) in 1819, where what is now Colombia defeated their Spanish rulers, and started what would be the process towards Independence. So we have had people in the Fincas de Recreo alongside and behind us, but the noise was kept to an acceptable level, until they decidedContinue reading “Yet another National Holiday”

The Downside of Colombia

My Father-in-law, Henry,  summed up Colombians yesterday, and I hasten to add, that this does not apply to all people here, he told me to beware because many Colombians will be friendly and nice to your face, but as soon as your back is turned they will stick the knife in… sometimes literally, and thatContinue reading “The Downside of Colombia”

Under the Weather

As I have mentioned previously, with the arrival of summer everyone seemed to go down with a 48hr flu virus, but true to form, I got it as everyone else was recovering, unfortunately that then triggered bronchitis, which I suffer from, from time to time, and I can\’t shake it off, one minute I thinkContinue reading “Under the Weather”

Improving Security

This morning started with a bit of work, I trimmed the hedge which had been massacred and is now growing back. and cut the grass. after which it was time for a quick breakfast, shower and out for 10am, for another Public Meeting, this time for local security. The idea was that the Secretaría deContinue reading “Improving Security”

Quiet Couple of Days!

Yesterday, my first job was to hitch up the trailer and disappear down the motorway to buy the 20m2 of floor tiles for the area to be renewed, I only bought the tiles, because I don\’t yet know when the work will be done, and didn\’t want the adhesive or grout to go off, soContinue reading “Quiet Couple of Days!”

Little Sleep!

It looks like our problem of noise at the Fincas de Recreo is back, at the moment Villa Connie (Los Liones) alongside us, and Finca Gallera at the rear of us, are both rented out for the week-end, and it appears they are having a competition as to who can have the loudest music. ThisContinue reading “Little Sleep!”