I can turn my hand to most things!

We are still confined to two wheels, I had the indicator repaired on Monday, he replaced all the electrical cables running around the rear mudguard, as they were all damaged, the cost…£5! Marcela contacted her Uncle yesterday, and it turns out that he hasn\’t even started work on the Nissan engine yet, he had toContinue reading “I can turn my hand to most things!”

Major Project in the Pipeline

Our neighbours have decided to sell, their finca is falling down, and they do not have the money to rebuild. This is the view we have at the moment over their finca And this is the view we have beyond To me this is something special, however we have been told that the prospective buyerContinue reading “Major Project in the Pipeline”

Moving date set!

This morning I was awake before 4am, I think there is too much going on, my mind was buzzing, so much to Pépe\’s surprise I had him up and out early. At 8am, I was out with the trailer collecting our wardrobe from John\’s Mother-in-law\’s house, then whilst John shot ahead on his bike, RamilloContinue reading “Moving date set!”

I\’m going to brain someone shortly!

It\’s been a bummer of a day today… I got up early as usual with Pépe, and when I sat down with my first coffee of the day, I found a text message sent by John (working on finca) to say that our 8am appointment would now be 10am, unfortunately I had not seen thisContinue reading “I\’m going to brain someone shortly!”

More ups and downs

To follow up from the last post, the following morning we called on Ruben and true to his word, he had welded up all the bits for us, it wasn\’t free, but it was as cheap as chips, so no complaints. From there we went on to San Juan, the idea being to get anotherContinue reading “More ups and downs”

They say a change is as good as a rest!

A day with nothing finca related, it was definitely needed!  We were out at 7.30am this morning to take the trailer to be fitted with wooden slats, and were told it should be ready tomorrow afternoon, quick work, we had a phone call this afternoon to say the trailer would be ready by 6pm today,Continue reading “They say a change is as good as a rest!”

Hair Raising!

Yesterday, I headed off with Henri and John to Medellin, where John took us to an Electrical Supplier, which supposedly would save me a lot of cash, I am not sure it did, but there was some excitement, John had said this was one of the most dangerous areas of Medellin, and never to strayContinue reading “Hair Raising!”