Early Start, Early Finish

Before I bring you up to date, here are a couple of photos of the finished gazebo fillet, not perfect, but it is out of sight and functional: I just need to render up each side of the post to repair the wall,, and then repaint the wall itself,¬† nieither of which is urgent. IContinue reading “Early Start, Early Finish”

Not One of My Better Days

The day was going so well, after the first hiccup, the fillet I had made for the gazebo post, had to be scrapped, I had glued and screwed the additional piece to the wrong side, but knowing how I had made the first one, I had another made in five minutes. Once the waterproofer IContinue reading “Not One of My Better Days”

This is Taking Longer than I Planned

This morning, after taking the dogs for a walk, it was time for work, in case we were blessed with a scorcher later! Firstly, I took the measurements required for the fillet to be inserted in the bottom¬† of the rotten gazebo post, then before I did anything else, I went and bought ten sacksContinue reading “This is Taking Longer than I Planned”