Not off The List Yet

I went for my \’final\’ skin cancer check-up this morning, taking a bottle of Tequila along as a thank you gift for the Specialist, thinking this was my last appointment…wrong! Unfortunately a mark on my back that he has been monitoring for over a year now, appears to have enlarged and changed colour, so heContinue reading “Not off The List Yet”

The Battle Begins!

It seems we have a long way to go before the Colombian culture is going to change wholesale. I stated in a recent post that Marcela had talked with the Administrator of the Finca alongside us, and he had said that in the New Year the Family intended to move in, so there would beContinue reading “The Battle Begins!”

Not the best of Days!

Woke this morning, and prepared for my Dental appointment, which I had convinced myself was at 10.30am. I saw Marcela off to work, taking the Father-in-law with her, and returned to the Study, after a while, I happened to glance at the computer screen, where I keep my appointments, so that I wont forget them…Continue reading “Not the best of Days!”