Taking it Easy!

Today has been a leisurely day, well at least I took things slower. With the Father-in-law taking the dogs for their morning stroll, I was able to go back to bed, eventually getting up at 7.30am. After breakfast, the Father-in-law and myself went down town, I was trying to buy a new bolt for theContinue reading “Taking it Easy!”

Something Went Right For A Change.

Having worried about the water leak in the bathroom, and wondering whether it would be a better idea to get a Professional in, I thought about most Colombian Professionals, and decided I could do it myself! So after Marcela had left for work, I removed the bathroom sink, before I damaged it, and then cleanedContinue reading “Something Went Right For A Change.”

I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!

First we had the septic trap giving us problems for a month, then yesterday, the Water Company having cut the water for repairs, turned it back on full power, instead of gradually as usual, and have cracked a joint in the cold water inlet to the sink in our bathroom, I have tried an epoxyContinue reading “I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!”