Did the Earth Move for You?

The weather can\’t make up it\’s mind whether we are in winter or summer, it is really strange. Night time we have started getting rain again, it is grey and overcast when we get up, but by mid morning the sun is cracking the flags. We certainly need the rain, our lawn turned brown, andContinue reading “Did the Earth Move for You?”

Ever Get That Shaking Feeling?

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day, after the snake incident, Marcela was not that keen on coming home, after her previous close encounter, but she did eventually, in the middle of a Tropical Storm! We then decided to watch a movie, by this time it was getting on for 8pm, we watch theseContinue reading “Ever Get That Shaking Feeling?”

Time to bring you up to date!

I guess the most important point to make, is that moving was definitely the right decision for me, Marcela has made my life, in many ways, and for that she will always have my love. In October, I decided we needed a carport, not so much for the rain, but to give the cars aContinue reading “Time to bring you up to date!”