Getting There!

I was hoping to be able to say that all would be finished in the Drying area by tomorrow, but circumstances beyond my control  have put paid to that. Oscar had finished all but a few cuts in the tiling on Thursday, I was really pleased with it, even though progress was slow. Oscar decidedContinue reading “Getting There!”


I was up early as usual, and after walking and feeding the dogs, I started work, I drilled 7/8\” holes in the wood siding, where the tiles would butt up, sealed the wood inside the hole with silicon, then inserted 3/4\” pipe into each hole again with silicon, to act as drain pipes. Oscar andContinue reading “Disappointing…”

Drying Area Floor Layed

Diego turned up with another bloke, who\’s name I couldn\’t pronounce all day… and we set to work in  the scorching heat, laying the new Drying area floor. The sand and cement I had bought yesterday, soon disappeared, and it was obvious I was going to need a lot more, in fact I ended upContinue reading “Drying Area Floor Layed”


We had a call from Diego last night, to say he will be here on Saturday morning by 8.30 at the latest, to lay the new floor, so it was time to make sure everything was ready to go. I have the metalwork to go in the concrete, I went to AgroZarzal and bought fourContinue reading “Preparation”

Only One Plus Today!

First thing this morning, I removed a screw from Marcela\’s car tyre, hoping it hadn\’t penetrated right through, but our luck held, and sure enough the tyre started going down, so the wheel was changed, ready for Marcela to go off to work and have the puncture repaired. I then moved everything from the DryingContinue reading “Only One Plus Today!”