Let Down Again

I am getting seriously worried, I thought I had written about the brushcutter saga, but I can\’t find it, so I\’ll start again, if I have posted earlier, then I apologise! Last week my brushcutter finally gave up the ghost, it could probably have been fixed, but being a Chinese copy, that is continually inContinue reading “Let Down Again”

Slapped Wrist!

I can\’t believe it is four days since my last post, I\’m sorry, but I didn\’t even give it a thought, maybe that is telling me something!! Tuesday, Marcela did her duty with Sebastian, they went to the Zoo, I\’m not sure what type of Zoo it is, but apparently they only have rescued animals,Continue reading “Slapped Wrist!”

Nice day today!

Had a leisurely get up this morning 6.30am, and that was before Pépe! went for our walk, and there were people already making their way for their various Religious Processions. Coffee, and then the family showed their faces. I was going to shelve out the Pantry today, but changed my mind, there were too manyContinue reading “Nice day today!”

Which way next?

This morning we were out on the Bike just before 9am, firstly we went and paid the deposit on the Kitchen, moving on from that, we stopped at a metal fabricators, to choose exterior doors. We have decided to stick with metal for the access doors from a security point of view. The main doorstairContinue reading “Which way next?”