Some Woodwork at Last

I finally got my Montero back at 3.30pm yesterday, minus much of the petrol they had to syphon out to remove the tank, however although I now know the differential is going to last for a few hundred thousand more kilometres, I am not convinced that the problem has been resolved. I arrived home, andContinue reading “Some Woodwork at Last”

Continuing Problems!

Sunday night wasn\’t much better, the music varied in volume throughout the night, but Monday being a Bank Holiday, didn\’t bring a lot of change, Marcela spoke with a Patrol on duty at the Station, over the phone, he said a patrol had been the previous evening, but stated the volume was not that high,Continue reading “Continuing Problems!”

It\’s Been a Quiet Week

The bedlum seems to have died down, thank goodness, so there isn\’t much to report. The Montero is playing up again, I took it to the Mechanic I use, because I was worried about the oil leak from the crankcase, and a noise had developed under the car, so I was thinking maybe the crankshaftContinue reading “It\’s Been a Quiet Week”