Just a Run of The Mill Sort of Day…Not!

Now I know why I like going to do the shopping by myself, even food shopping! Yesterday, Marcela decided that as we are both on a diet, she wanted to vary the menu, so came with me to buy alternatives foods, it took at least three times as long, whilst she examined every tomato, every…Continue reading “Just a Run of The Mill Sort of Day…Not!”

Temperature change!

Whether it is a temporary glitch or, the dry season has come late, I don\’t know, but it has been sweltering for the last few days, as a result, both Marcela and I are suffering with sore throats and runny noses, nothing that effects our every day life, but a nuisance all the same. IContinue reading “Temperature change!”

Ticking Over!

This week has been a mixed bag, on Sunday, Marcela, Maria Elena and I headed off to Guatapé, about an hour and a half away, I had been before with them, when I first came here last November, but it was a lovely day out, you can see more about the place, on my \’TownsContinue reading “Ticking Over!”

Relatively quiet this week!!

It has been a bit quieter this week, although there has been a lot of activity between here and Spain and here and the UK, things seem to be moving with regard to the House at last. I had an email to say that the Judge was insisting that all people who have land borderingContinue reading “Relatively quiet this week!!”

Start Dieting and back to the Dentist

What a week… We decided that we both needed to go on a diet, so after much debate and searching on the internet, we settled for a two day diet. This basically consists of being able to consume one litre of milk, one portion of fruit, four portions of vegetables, one multi-vitamin pill and atContinue reading “Start Dieting and back to the Dentist”

Winter is here!

What a week!  We went as planned with Sebastian to \’Divercity\’, and I was really impressed! the area is set out as a town, with shops, Fire Station (No Police!), Hospital, Ambulance, Couriers, TV Station, Mechanics workshop, Car Sales, an aeroplane and many more, No adults are allowed within the individual units, but can wanderContinue reading “Winter is here!”

Social Week!

You may have noticed, that there have been some changes to the Blog, these are for my benefit as well as for others. Now, there are areas with write ups on towns and villages we visit, and restaurant reviews for anyone visiting the area, there may be further additions later, but for now… Well… asContinue reading “Social Week!”