Had Better Days

We have a problem yet again with the Finca de Recreo behind us, the one the Policía \’couldn\’t find\’ last time we rang them, it is yet another National Fiesta tomorrow, and these people came yesterday, and the music hasn\’t stopped for twenty six hours, we have another night to go, so no sleep makesContinue reading “Had Better Days”

This is getting boring!

After all the work trying to resolve the problem with the septic trap…I haven\’t, we worked out that what we thought was fat, isn\’t, it is soap, probably from the washing machine, after a number of flushes, we cleared the blockage completely, but that doesn\’t repair the leak. Yesterday afternoon, I dug under my newContinue reading “This is getting boring!”

Colombian Income Tax

It looks like my Accountant dug into her bag of tricks and came up trumps again. Another year with zero payment, but only because she has been able to use Marcela\’s tax history to my advantage as my dependent, for this year! If not I would have had to pay $2.000.000 COP. This still hasContinue reading “Colombian Income Tax”