Changes are on the Way!

Last week we went to Fisinova to cancel further appointments for Physiotherapy,, it was my intention to tell the Physiotherapist to her face why I was cancelling, rather than just ring and cancel, but she was not at work, so we saw her stand-in, who advised us to fill in a complaint form, which weContinue reading “Changes are on the Way!”


 I haven\’t been back down the Abyss to finish clearing the undergrowth, my knees couldn\’t take it, so I have been working closer to the house. I have a lot of building materials left over from Jaime\’s work, more than I would like, when I look at the value, but it can be used inContinue reading “Progress”

Making the most of the fine Weather

 I am sorry to be away so long, but it has been all work and Medical appointments, with little time for anything else. Firstly a brief health update. As a result of the problems with my knees, I have been for the X-rays, and I have been diagnosed with Osteopedia, apparently it\’s one step awayContinue reading “Making the most of the fine Weather”