Not too bad!

Last night the water went off about 6pm, we found out today that a bus had crushed the mains pipe, and there was a deluge further down the mountain, but no news was forthcoming, and no one answering the emergency phone, our water is not part of the municipality, it is locally owned by theContinue reading “Not too bad!”

Final Straw

Yesterday was Labour Day! A National and worldwide holiday, so we had visitors, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, they came on the bus, apparently it took them about 45 minutes from home, with a grand tour of the Veredas to finish off. Sebastian spent the day in the pool, despite, it being cloudy weather, andContinue reading “Final Straw”

Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because IContinue reading “Thank God that\’s over!”

Busy day!

Today, was a bit of everything, this morning we both had Dental appointments, lovely man, but obviously likes to see his patients!  I have had a problem with one tooth, I was, and still am convinced it is a cavity, but the Dentist says not, he says I have an infection, and besides having toContinue reading “Busy day!”

Start Dieting and back to the Dentist

What a week… We decided that we both needed to go on a diet, so after much debate and searching on the internet, we settled for a two day diet. This basically consists of being able to consume one litre of milk, one portion of fruit, four portions of vegetables, one multi-vitamin pill and atContinue reading “Start Dieting and back to the Dentist”