Overdue Update

 Work has slowed down, for two reasons, we have had more restrictions thrust upon us as a result of  Covid 19, and the panic that our Health System wont be able to cope, and Jaime has been working elsewhere to boost his income, which I can understand, but it doesn\’t help us, we now justContinue reading “Overdue Update”

Getting There!

It\’s been a hectic couple of weeks!  I took Pepe to see a Specialist last week regarding his hip, I seriously thought it was time for surgery. We had to go to Rio Negro, which I was dreading, as it is suffering the most cases of Covid 19 in our area, but it had toContinue reading “Getting There!”

Continued Lockdown?

Work has continued at a pace this last couple of weeks. We rented scaffolding and as you will see in the following series of photos, the rendering has come on in leaps and bounds, through all weathers. No words needed to explain that, they are just getting on with the job! In the meantime, DubberContinue reading “Continued Lockdown?”