Where have I been?

Sorry Folks, but between work and and bout of illness, I just haven\’t been able to get at my Blog. Jaime and the team finished the security fencing, by installing all the razor wire, they then moved on the the gate pillars There was one more section to be added, which they have now done,Continue reading “Where have I been?”

I\’ve Done my Bit!

Whilst they have been hard at work, I haven\’t been sat doing nothing, I have had to do some improvising. In April I ordered a steel tamper to compact the earth steps, I ordered it via Mercado Libre, which is South America\’s answer to eBay, but over a month later, it never arrived, so IContinue reading “I\’ve Done my Bit!”

Renovations begin!

We talked over the main jobs we wanted doing with Jaime, deciding that it was best to divide the work into projects, and quote for each, the idea being Jaime would quote for labour, giving us an approximate cost for materials, and then we would order the materials. We have learned from our mistakes, whenContinue reading “Renovations begin!”