I need a holiday!

Yesterday, we headed off to Copacabana for 8am, meeting up with the Sellers, at the Notary, within three hours we had signed the compra-venta, and the escritura, then headed back to Bello, and transferred 70% of the asking price, the rest to be paid once the Registro has approved the escritura. In the afternoon, weContinue reading “I need a holiday!”

Things are speeding up!

Yesterday, we had to take the car in to Marcela‚Äôs Uncles Garage, and whilst it was there, we went off with the Owner (Don Pedro), of the house in Copacabana, and checked that there was no mortgage, he paid all his bills up to date, and gave us copies, we then went to the NotariesContinue reading “Things are speeding up!”