Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?

To be honest, I\’m not sure which I like best, but a combination of the two will do me, for now! Yesterday, I spent a very frustrating day painting our front door, frame and reja, I decided that this was the job for the day, because until late on, it is in the shade, butContinue reading “Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?”

What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!

The last two days have been horrendous, having been finally accepted for the the Health Care Complimentary Plan by SURA, ¬†as I said in my last post, they took the first payment on May 30th, ready for it\’s implementation in June, then yesterday I went on my online Bank account, to find they had takenContinue reading “What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!”