Health Service Providers in Colombia

The system of HealthCare in Colombia, is really very hit and miss, unless you take out Private Insurance. I have been extremely lucky, when I first came to Colombia I was assigned to Comfenalco, who were brilliant, but later decided to withdraw from the EPS (National Health Service), I was then assigned to SURA, whoContinue reading “Health Service Providers in Colombia”


I didn\’t get around to posting last night, I was fuming, and thought it better to wait until I had calmed down. We went for my medical appointment, only to be turned away, because we didn\’t have authorisation from SURA the insurance company that runs this Health Service, sorry…but I don\’t need authorisation, that isContinue reading “Fuming!”

Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because IContinue reading “Thank God that\’s over!”

The Medical Process

I drank my half a pint of laxative last night, suffice it to say, I didn\’t get much sleep. This morning we arrived at the Medical Center early as advised, and I was only waiting half an hour, and we were called through. The Radiographer was friendly and efficient, and to my surprise, I wasn\’tContinue reading “The Medical Process”