Closed for Christmas!

Well that\’s it now, nothing will happen in Spain until after Christmas, officialdom is on holiday! it is much the same here in Colombia, except that some businesses have also given their staff the whole period off, and there will be partying from now until New Year, God help us all. Although Christmas is theContinue reading “Closed for Christmas!”

This should be interesting!

I received an email this morning from Google to say that my payment is due in 23 days to renew my site domain, that is very true, what they then go on to say is that payment is automatic through my Google Apps Admin, which is a surprise to me, as I don\’t have one,Continue reading “This should be interesting!”

News in brief!

As we all know, yesterday was Halloween, but as I think I mentioned last year, in Colombia, it is taken to an altogether different level, from midday onwards, it was Kids day, streets and town centres closed off to traffic, events organised for the kids, most of whom were dressed up in costume, although forContinue reading “News in brief!”


Well, I have finally found out what has been causing the hold-up on drawing up the New Escritura / Deeds, in Spain, the inefficiency of the Gestor in Torvizcon  José Manuel, combined with the bloodymindedness  of my neighbour Ana. As I have previously said, for some reason all neighbours and former owners, have to giveContinue reading “Progress…Possibly!”

What a week!!

There must be an upside somewhere, but I haven\’t found it yet! On Monday we went to my Bank, to apply for a credit card…Yes… I know that Colombia is tough on all money transactions in a bid to stamp out money laundering, but there are limits!The Advisor, went off with a copy of myContinue reading “What a week!!”

Social Week!

You may have noticed, that there have been some changes to the Blog, these are for my benefit as well as for others. Now, there are areas with write ups on towns and villages we visit, and restaurant reviews for anyone visiting the area, there may be further additions later, but for now… Well… asContinue reading “Social Week!”

Trip to Santa Elena prior to Festival of Flowers

Prior to the main Parade of flowers which takes place tomorrow, they advertise a week-end where you can travel up to Santa Elena, either for half a day on a coach, or a full day on a Chiva (ornamental rustic Bus), and see the preparations for the main Parade. For me this sounded far moreContinue reading “Trip to Santa Elena prior to Festival of Flowers”

Busier week!

There has been a bit more activity this week! Marcela\’s Uncle was great, I had cracked the sump, he also found some unrelated damage under the car, which I suspect was from before our time, he had the lot fixed by Saturday evening, all for 90 quid! Sunday, we went to Medellin to watch theContinue reading “Busier week!”