New Doorway Fitted

As I said, I had to go over to my Mother-in-law\’s house this morning to fit a new doorway, to a bedroom that had never before had one, I thought it would be simple enough, so I left here early, having loaded up my tools yesterday, and arrived at 8am. The door and frame, IContinue reading “New Doorway Fitted”

Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem

One of my biggest headaches, is cutting down plywood sheets, most of the time when I go to Homecenter, I ask them to be cut, and I will get some feeble response that they are too busy, but will have it ready for tomorrow, I am certainly not making two trips, with time, petrol andContinue reading “Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem”

More Workshop

Wednesday as planned, we went out shopping, I came back with my bits for the workshop, including a Pillar Drill (but I didn\’t realise it would be a box of bits, it brought a whole new meaning to \’Flat-Pack!), now my bench is starting to look cluttered! No room for more! To be honest, IContinue reading “More Workshop”

Busier week!

There has been a bit more activity this week! Marcela\’s Uncle was great, I had cracked the sump, he also found some unrelated damage under the car, which I suspect was from before our time, he had the lot fixed by Saturday evening, all for 90 quid! Sunday, we went to Medellin to watch theContinue reading “Busier week!”