A Table for Pépe

I won\’t go into a lot of detail, because I posted the build of the dog bowl table when I built Tito\’s, but yesterday, I decided it was time to build one for Pépe I cut out the parts, using Tito\’s table as a template to get the angles, with Pépe\’s bowl I established theContinue reading “A Table for Pépe”


Having successfully completed Chinese Checkers, which we played yesterday, and it was much more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be, I decided that today, I would get on with Solitaire. I printed off a template in the same way as for Chinese Checkers Again I used laminated oak board, this time IContinue reading “Solitaire”

Tito\’s Table!

I can\’t sit around doing nothing, so this morning decided to do a small project I have been putting off, and that was to make a \’dog table\’ for our second dog, he is a rescue dog, and struggles to eat because of a deformed jaw, due to abuse as a pup, as a resultContinue reading “Tito\’s Table!”

Cutting Circles

It\’s not often I have to cut circles, and when I do, they don\’t normally have to be that precise, but I am making a bench top disc sander, and the backing board need to be 99% circular. I have seen many options for Circle Cutting Jigs, from the very professional, to the quick andContinue reading “Cutting Circles”