Getting There

 Christmas and New Year came and went, as did our Family! and it was time to get stuck into work again, but first it was time to admit that I am another year older, at the time, we had few restrictions, so Marcela took me out for lunch, we went to a Restaurant in Marinilla,Continue reading “Getting There”

More work!

 Last week, two of Jaime\’s Crew returned to put a new floor in the guest bedroom, it was thought all the floors would be the same as in the lounge, so instead of just retiling, they dug out the floor, in doing so, found that it did have reinforcement in the concrete, and we couldContinue reading “More work!”

Another Christmas Bites the Dust

Well, I don\’t know about you, but Christmas came and went! Fortunately without incident, and every one still speaking, so the family gathering was a success…I think! Sister-in-law, Mother-in-law, Marcela Father-in-law, Marcela, Yours truly, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Nephew The In-laws and Marcela\’s Nephew are with us until New Year. The matter of our road, is anotherContinue reading “Another Christmas Bites the Dust”

Weekly Update

On Wednesday the Father-in-law arrived for Christmas and New Year, he came early, because he had a specialist appointment for his eyes, yesterday, I didn\’t understand the full outcome, but it appears that he may have glaucoma, and is losing the sight of at least one eye…that sucks. However he is not my favourite manContinue reading “Weekly Update”

Closed for Christmas!

Well that\’s it now, nothing will happen in Spain until after Christmas, officialdom is on holiday! it is much the same here in Colombia, except that some businesses have also given their staff the whole period off, and there will be partying from now until New Year, God help us all. Although Christmas is theContinue reading “Closed for Christmas!”

December is here!

It\’s funny how soon you forget things, and the night of November 30th / December 1st was one of them. Colombia, I don\’t know about the rest of South America, believes that Christmas starts on December 1st, and last night was like WW3, the Fireworks went on for hours, and were still going off sporadicallyContinue reading “December is here!”