Slow start to 2014

There isn\’t much to report, I had not heard anything from Spain, until this morning, and that was because of the number of Public Holidays, the last of which was today, hopefully I will have some idea tomorrow, as to when I will receive the papers from the Spanish Notary, which will allow me toContinue reading “Slow start to 2014”

Return to Normality!

The Festive season is all but over, and things are returning to normal. My Father-in-law returned to Caucasia yesterday, I have to say, I enjoyed his company, and Pépe was devastated when he left, he knew something was up, and stood in the window crying as we left to take Henri to the bus. WeContinue reading “Return to Normality!”

F?&@@!¿ H$%# !!

It was my intention to wait until after Christmas until Posting again, but things happen! Firstly for those of you with beady eyes! you may have noticed that the address to this webpage has changed  above, the reference to \’blogspot\’ has gone, and this is to protect my Blog, I was in a position whereContinue reading “F?&@@!¿ H$%# !!”

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas now, it is nearly upon us, another week, and we will wonder what all the fuss was about! I have nothing to show for my week, we are getting things together ready for our trip down to Bogota in the New Year to renew my Visa. WeContinue reading “Happy Christmas Everyone!”

Party Time…Again!

Thursday we went into Town, and I bought a small Christmas Cake, not iced, so back home, I prepared the Royal Icing, and iced the cake, there was some left over, so having added colourant, decided to try my hand at decorating, using a plastic sandwich bag and cutting the corner off. As I startedContinue reading “Party Time…Again!”

Keeping busy!

Well I was warned!  Last Friday night was horrendous, the fireworks started early, and although the official ones lasts about an hour or so, the rest went on well into the  night. Music… thank goodness I had looked out a set of earplugs, a few houses all had their speakers outside, and not small onesContinue reading “Keeping busy!”

New Eyes!!

Another week bites the dust! I forgot to mention last week, that I had been to see the Optician, £6 for a test, and we think that is waived if you buy Specs, and I have. My eyesight has changed enough, possibly due to the change in my Blood Pressure medication, that the Optician thinksContinue reading “New Eyes!!”