More of the same

Not much been happening, I have been making wood working jigs, I am going to have to get going on the bigger projects, but this week, I have had appointments every day, well… I have had them, but not been to then all, I had a dental appointment on Monday, and thought it was today…oops!Continue reading “More of the same”

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas now, it is nearly upon us, another week, and we will wonder what all the fuss was about! I have nothing to show for my week, we are getting things together ready for our trip down to Bogota in the New Year to renew my Visa. WeContinue reading “Happy Christmas Everyone!”

Keeping busy!

Well I was warned! ¬†Last Friday night was horrendous, the fireworks started early, and although the official ones lasts about an hour or so, the rest went on well into the ¬†night. Music… thank goodness I had looked out a set of earplugs, a few houses all had their speakers outside, and not small onesContinue reading “Keeping busy!”

Trip to Santa Elena prior to Festival of Flowers

Prior to the main Parade of flowers which takes place tomorrow, they advertise a week-end where you can travel up to Santa Elena, either for half a day on a coach, or a full day on a Chiva (ornamental rustic Bus), and see the preparations for the main Parade. For me this sounded far moreContinue reading “Trip to Santa Elena prior to Festival of Flowers”