Making the most of the fine Weather

 I am sorry to be away so long, but it has been all work and Medical appointments, with little time for anything else. Firstly a brief health update. As a result of the problems with my knees, I have been for the X-rays, and I have been diagnosed with Osteopedia, apparently it\’s one step awayContinue reading “Making the most of the fine Weather”

It\’s a hard life!

This morning we went down to Copacabana for Marcela\’s 9am nail appointment, I went off to look for a Vet and Peluquería, and within one minute I had succeeded, it was only around the corner!! What was I going to do for the rest of the morning, well firstly I went for a torte deContinue reading “It\’s a hard life!”

What a couple of days!

Yesterday, we took the car for it\’s first service at 9am, only to be told it wouldn\’t be ready until 3pm…six hours for a service!!!!!! it turns out they have lunch from 12-2pm, had we changed the day and gone for 8am, it would have been ready for midday. Off we went, we visited Hernan,Continue reading “What a couple of days!”