Hot and Humid!

This morning I started off by laying the first course of brick for P├ępe\’s kennel, I\’m not that impressed with Colombian sand, it is very course, or at least, the sand I have here it, which makes it hard to work, I will have to check out the Builders Merchants (Depositos) and see if IContinue reading “Hot and Humid!”

Not too bad!

Last night the water went off about 6pm, we found out today that a bus had crushed the mains pipe, and there was a deluge further down the mountain, but no news was forthcoming, and no one answering the emergency phone, our water is not part of the municipality, it is locally owned by theContinue reading “Not too bad!”

A sign of normality!

This morning I continued what I started just as the light was going, last night,. and that was to put up a number of washing lines in the \’zona de ropa\’, I did this by putting two lengths of galvanized cable from the support posts across to the house wall, using cable stretchers, I managedContinue reading “A sign of normality!”