Back in The Land of The Living

Monday and Tuesday, I spent the greater part of that 48 hours either on my knees on sitting in the bathroom, no need to say more… I thought I was dying, it must have been some virus I picked up from somewhere, because I hadn\’t eaten anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday I spent buildingContinue reading “Back in The Land of The Living”

Busy Week

This morning it was another crack of dawn rising, these 5am starts are becoming too regular! Marcela came with me, and I was at the Doctors for 6.40am, both to go over my Psychiatric report, and the blood tests, which although fine for the Shrink, were high in some areas, and the Doc thinks thatContinue reading “Busy Week”

Local Excitement

Goodness me, the Authorities have finally found their way to our area! On Wednesday, Transito (Municipal unarmed Traffic Police) were outside, trying to sort out the parking problems, caused by neighbours,  not very well I might add, they need lessons in parking themselves, as their pick-up was parked about a meter from the kerb, andContinue reading “Local Excitement”

The Downside of Colombia

My Father-in-law, Henry,  summed up Colombians yesterday, and I hasten to add, that this does not apply to all people here, he told me to beware because many Colombians will be friendly and nice to your face, but as soon as your back is turned they will stick the knife in… sometimes literally, and thatContinue reading “The Downside of Colombia”

We Have Been a Bit Preoccupied!

OK, so what has been happening over the last couple of days, well Colombia as a whole has been suffering from water problems, and not a lack of it. A bit further north in Ituango, the Medellin based and owned Power Company EPM are building the biggest Dam in the country, and the other dayContinue reading “We Have Been a Bit Preoccupied!”

Happy Valentine\’s Day

Saying that, it isn\’t here, although you hear more about it now than over previous years, Colombia has it\’s version called Amor y Amistad (Love and Friendship) in September, why? because it exports nearly all it\’s flowers to other countries in February, leaving none for the home market, that\’s the reason I was given anyway.Continue reading “Happy Valentine\’s Day”

Busy! Busy! Busy!

After a few home truths, things changed, and I had to ask the Father-in-law to go home, things between him and his ex, my Mother in law, had deteriorated to the point things couldn\’t continue, to be honest I was surprised we got to day ten! So Thursday morning he left, with his mobile phoneContinue reading “Busy! Busy! Busy!”

Surprise Visitor!

Wednesday night we received a call from my Father-in-law, Henry, to say he had managed to get a lift, and was coming down to visit us from Caucasia, panic…I knew the shops were shut yesterday, being Independence Day, and the food stock was low to say the least, as Marcela has been working all week,Continue reading “Surprise Visitor!”