I apologise for there being no updates, it has been a hectic couple of weeks… The work took a little longer to finish than thought, but the last week was just Jorge and José, tiling, and Jorge wont be rushed, he does a great job and we are really pleased with the results of hisContinue reading “Sorry!”

Honest…I did make two!

Because in my last post, I only showed one saw-horse, I have been asked if I did make two, the answer to that is yes, I just hadn\’t finished it off, However now I have  cut two removable top rails from mahogany, so they will last longer, and added the rope stretcher. In the photo,Continue reading “Honest…I did make two!”

Time to bring you up to date!

I guess the most important point to make, is that moving was definitely the right decision for me, Marcela has made my life, in many ways, and for that she will always have my love. In October, I decided we needed a carport, not so much for the rain, but to give the cars aContinue reading “Time to bring you up to date!”