Nearly Finished!

 After six months we finally have an end in sight, Jaime thinks they will have finished by the end of the week, I know he has to get started on a new contract, and has pulled some men off out job to get it started, but I think we are realistically looking at next week.Continue reading “Nearly Finished!”

Another step forward

Yesterday, Mother\’s Day in Colombia, and we had two Mothers present, Maria Elena, and Sandra, we were fortunate, the weather held, and we even had some sun in the afternoon. Marcela and Maria Elena, had prepared a lovely lunch, and Marcela had baked a very tasty banana cake, which had not only banana, but orangeContinue reading “Another step forward”

Early start!

Yesterday was pretty much a non event, I didn\’t accomplish a lot, but Marcela finished replanting the flowers behind the gazebo, in the piece of garden she has loving de-weeded! Marcela\’s new garden We had to go food shopping in the afternoon, there was nothing left in the cupboard, after the families visit  last thursday!Continue reading “Early start!”

It can only get better

It\’s been a day I rather put behind me, thank goodness it is nearly over! The lad arrived from the Carpenters at 7am, and thought he was going to work upstairs…wrong, Marcela was still asleep, so I told him, he would have to complete the downstairs jobs, whilst I woke her up. We have hadContinue reading “It can only get better”

As if we needed an excuse!

This morning I was out after breakfast, I have been following a Carpenter (Izzy Swan) on Youtube, and he got my passion for woodwork going again, so I decided, damn the noise and inconvenience, I would reorganise the \’storeroom\’ and install a micro-workshop. I went to the DIY store and ordered the wood and toContinue reading “As if we needed an excuse!”