It\’s a stitch up!

Another update today, the meeting with the Gestor, José,  did not take place today, as the Buyer, José, is a Funeral Director, had a call out, but they hope to have the meeting tomorrow. The Bank Manager, José, has announced that he expects the mortgage offer to be made next week, which is very convenient,Continue reading “It\’s a stitch up!”

No end in Sight, but better news!

I had a long conversation with Christopher Mallock this afternoon, he received his Power of Attorney today, and had a meeting with the Buyers, contrary to earlier reports, they have not had their formal mortgage offer, it is a case of the Manager of Caja Granada stating this that is what will be offered, followingContinue reading “No end in Sight, but better news!”


The problems continue, in as much as the Bank in Spain are saying they don\’t accept Fax to authorise transfers, it does make you wonder how Businesses arrange a transfer, they can\’t all queue up in the Bank!! The Apostille arrived yesterday morning for the Power of Attorney, that was very fast! so it wasContinue reading “Frustrating…”