Good News For A Change

It looks as if I am staying in Colombia for the time being, we had a message from my Accountant last night with good news, especially as I had been warned that my tax bill could be as much as $12.000.000 COP, suffice it to say, it is not zero like in previous years, butContinue reading “Good News For A Change”

Not too bad!

Last night the water went off about 6pm, we found out today that a bus had crushed the mains pipe, and there was a deluge further down the mountain, but no news was forthcoming, and no one answering the emergency phone, our water is not part of the municipality, it is locally owned by theContinue reading “Not too bad!”

More problems, not insurmountable!

I didn\’t sleep at all well last night, only getting about three hours, don\’t ask why, I have no idea! Last night we had found that whoever had been working on the car, had gone through all our belongings, I keep an emergency tool kit in a bag with all the legally required equipment toContinue reading “More problems, not insurmountable!”