Making the most of the fine Weather

 I am sorry to be away so long, but it has been all work and Medical appointments, with little time for anything else. Firstly a brief health update. As a result of the problems with my knees, I have been for the X-rays, and I have been diagnosed with Osteopedia, apparently it\’s one step awayContinue reading “Making the most of the fine Weather”

Have I Been Sitting Back and Resting?

Whilst all this building work has been going on, you might think I have been sitting back and Lording it!  Not a bit of it, there is plenty to be done. We have a large garden to tend, there are 50+ Avocado trees, Platano (cooking bananas), Banana Bocadillo (small sweet bananas), Mandarins, Lemons (Not yellow sourContinue reading “Have I Been Sitting Back and Resting?”

Let Down Again

I am getting seriously worried, I thought I had written about the brushcutter saga, but I can\’t find it, so I\’ll start again, if I have posted earlier, then I apologise! Last week my brushcutter finally gave up the ghost, it could probably have been fixed, but being a Chinese copy, that is continually inContinue reading “Let Down Again”

Temperature change!

Whether it is a temporary glitch or, the dry season has come late, I don\’t know, but it has been sweltering for the last few days, as a result, both Marcela and I are suffering with sore throats and runny noses, nothing that effects our every day life, but a nuisance all the same. IContinue reading “Temperature change!”

Back to Work

Feeling better today, so I had an early start. As soon as Marcela left for work, the wheelbarrow came out, a few visits to the Building Supplies next door, and 18 sacks of gravel later, the land drain was finally completed. Not quite as I wanted it, as the gravel is different, which is aContinue reading “Back to Work”