Keeping Occupied

Whilst we had no internet, I was forced to occupy my time by returning to the old ways, in my case woodwork!! 😊  It forced me to get the Postbox finished and fitted on the gate. This plaque on the outside of the gate, is only so they will know which crack in the gateContinue reading “Keeping Occupied”

Busy Day!

This morning, I attached all the drawer bottoms, using glue and brad nails, if they had been going to take any weight, I would have cut a slot in the sides to take the plywood base, but as it is, this method will be fine. I then sanded the units, again with 80 grit, ontoContinue reading “Busy Day!”

Bling Display!

I can\’t tell you how good it felt, there has been no sign of a cement mixer today, and I gave my last sack of cement to a neighbour, and back into the workshop. SWMBO wanted a portable Bling Display, she has two online Companies, but with Colombia being years behind everyone else, many don\’tContinue reading “Bling Display!”

Tidying up

In the past, the zona de ropa, has been a bit of a dumping ground, due to lack of storage, things were stuck between the bars of the window grille, or on top of the cupboard at the side of the washing machine, it didn\’t matter, because it wasn\’t the nicest area anyway. Now itContinue reading “Tidying up”